At IUA we make administration simple
and easy. We have been appointed by
your service provider to administer your
contract or policy.

Our customer self service (CSS) portal will help
you with most of your queries, where you can:
  • View your contract or policy details
  • Download any documentation
  • Register a claim
  • Track the status of your claim
  • Upload documents
  • Check on the status of your query
  • Get IUA contact details

& Compliments

Your communication is important to us. Your matter will be fairly and promptly attended to by a dedicated Complaints Resolution Administrator who will thoroughly investigate and try to resolve your complaint within 5 working days.

Kindly submit your complaint by sending an email to [email protected]. Please include your policy number or ID number when you contact us

We love to give our team feedback, so if you have a compliment, please send an email to [email protected].

Treating customers fairly

The six TCF outcomes have been adopted by IUA and have become an inherent part of all areas of our business. IUA maintains a client centric focus which is geared towards customer satisfaction and fair treatment of a policyholder.

Please submit a complaint if you feel that:

  • Products and services sold to you did not meet your needs;
  • You were not provided with clear and easy to understand information;
  • You were not kept informed or updated throughout your dealings with us;
  • You were not provided with suitable and correct advice;
  • The products and associated service did not perform as you were led to expect; or
  • You found it difficult to communicate with us when switching providers, submitting a claim or lodging a complaint.

Can we assist you on WhatsApp?

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Please WhatsApp us on
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Email us

*Please include your name, ID number, policy number and contact details where possible.

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Why have my policy documents not been sent to me yet?

You should have received a welcome letter and your policy documents within 30 days of signing up for your policy. However, if you did not receive these or you have misplaced them, call IUA on 031 570 7600 or email [email protected] and we will send you a copy.

What is my premium amount?

A premium is the specified amount of payment required by an insurer to provide cover under a given insurance policy for a defined period of time. If you need to know what your premium is you can call IUA on
031 570 7600 or review your bank statements.

Will I receive timeous feedback?

The claims department provide regular updates via SMS, email or telephone. Once all outstanding claims documents are received, the claim will then be assessed and finalised. You will be made aware of the claims decision by SMS and a letter which will be emailed to you.

Why has my claim been denied?

The claim has been strictly assessed according to your policy terms and conditions issued by your insurer. Based on the claim that you are making, there may be no cover.

For example:
No policy cover as at date of loss
There may be pre-existing conditions (for credit life policies)
A component may not be covered (warranty policies) or wear and tear is not covered.
The cause of the failure may not be covered by the policy
In the case of a BLM claim, the damage may not be considered minor damage
You do not have a valid underlying policy in place as at date of loss
Your underlying policy has declined your claim and it is found that you have intentionally violated policy conditions

Why has my claim not been paid in full?

The claim has been authorised at the maximum liability as allowed by the policy. If you need further explanation please call IUA on 031 570 7600.

Why can I not receive a full refund on my premiums?

There is no refund of premiums on the monthly paid policies as the insurer provides you with cover on a month-to-month basis for each premium received.There is no pro rata refund of premiums as claims have been registered against the policy.

Why am I not receiving the appropriate advice at sales stage?

As per the sales call recording, the sales agent provided information to you based on what the policy covers. The sales agent also referred you to the policy wording for details of the policy terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations applicable. It is the responsibility of the policyholder to read the policy wording as soon as possible to ensure you are happy with your purchase.

What is a Shortfall policy and how is it calculated?

A shortfall policy settles the balance owing to your finance house once your comprehensive insurer had made a settlement. A shortfall policy will not cover any shortfall, regardless. A shortfall policy only covers the vehicle and value of the vehicle, so extras and accessories (such as sunroof, mag wheels and upgraded sound etc) are not covered by a shortfall policy. Policyholders are encouraged to insure accessories separately with the comprehensive insurer.
All shortfall claims are assessed strictly according to the policy wording. Shortfall is calculated by using the Capital balance as at date of loss less the payment made by the comprehensive insurer, less certain conditions which are not covered, such as; unpaid debits, arrears interest, add on products, under-insurance and refunds paid over to your finance house on your behalf. A detailed analysis is done on your payment history with the finance house which forms part of your claim calculation.
Please refer to your policy for general conditions and policy limits.

Why are you still deducting an excess on my shortfall claim when the comprehensive insurance deducted an excess too?

Shortfall is calculated by using the Capital balance as at date of loss less the payment made by the comprehensive insurer. We indicate the deductions that led to the final settlement amount made by the comprehensive insurance which is utilised in our calculation. Polices have an excess limit and should your excess exceed the limit, that portion is deducted from your claim calculation.

Why is my Bodyguard claim being declined?

Claims may be declined for various reasons. Bodyguard Policyholders are encouraged to submit their claim within 30 days of the incident. The policy terms and conditions will provide guidance regarding the size of damage covered.

Why can't you pay my claim now so that I can have my car released (Warranty / Service / Maintenance plans) ?

A payment can only be processed after the repair is complete and we have received the tax invoice and signed clearance certificate (this is to confirm that the client is satisfied with the repairs carried out). The payment can be paid the same day provided that the payments team is made aware of the urgency and the required documents are correct and sent to us before 11.00am.